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CAMDEN ART GALLERY – London - International Collective Exhibition, 8th – 28th April 2011
Kho Sante's plastic production is characterized by series of formal investigations where color, gesture and expression of subjects captivate the spectator. The content and direction of the lines, settled by the colors, underline intense emotions as well as the incredible capacity of the artist to handle his ideas, in an abrupt and unexpected recreation of concepts that forms the interior of the artwork.
Despite the abstract style of his production, his fertile paintings are to be explored in a way to let us imagine a novel based on discreet registers formed by the color, line, brushstroke, saturations and voids, gestures and trompe l'oeil technique.
Kho Sante' intends to express rich contains in his poetical forms and colors. Thus he tries to recreate a kind of sensitivity leant on his knowledge and investigations.
He is both based on simple and subjective geometrical forms that are drowned on unreal spaces in a way to represent geometrical abstractions. His plastic production must be understood as the action experimented by a rhythm taster:
the broken lines build his artwork and codify the picture as well as its title. Among them are mixed his emotions with his intellectual reason and a certain sensitivity that reveal a strong eloquence and how abstraction can embody a vivaciuos way for the artistic communication.
Kho Sante' is a happy and extraverted artist who loves his artistic work because it suggests a way for introspection and let us think about our intimate research of rationality.

Art Critic


Contemporary painting of Kho Sante, a kind of art that works on the perception and on the stimolation of the observer. This kind of paints play with the perception and it makes a change of values between what a person usually see like a form and what he usually see like the background. The values are inverted and the observer doesn't know that. He find a form of the spots that makes movement and makes a delete of the geometry. But the play is only at the staring point, and so; between the painting effect of space, light and color, but between complementary forms and colors too; all live togheter with serenity and the reseach of painting; and, all these became a play that everyone can do. Maybe..... and here I want to speak, but this is not my specific study: the rational forms work on the left side of the brain and the irrational forms work on the other side of the brain. If this is correct, this kind of art can work on theintere brain of a person, and this is very important for science too! A kind of conceptual art that lives in modern painting and  want to be a meditation about ours times but olso a meditation of a man and an artist. We would like to present a kind of pure art that is not influenced from the economy or from the politic. Kho Sante born in 1974 in Bologna (Italy) and he trys to make a form of art that is an expression and a demostration at the same time. The art, here is considered like the stimulation of a sense, and here you can have a stimolation of your sight. You will be involved in a play with perception, but also true a good knowledge of the modern and contemporary painting. The italian painting come again to be an important form of art,and it had digested what had been a simple demolition of the real artistic value. Painting shopping of Kho, a contemporary painter that live the artistic world in a serene way. We know that we are on the correct and positive way and we will be happy if in the furute there will be same good result; but we are not working only for this intent. An abstract painter that try to do an artistic way with love and passion and with a discipline that is a process and not only a result. A phylosophyc kind of expression, but a kind for live the life too!

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