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A free art service from the site to present a session of figurative artists . This is a art servie for ours visitors, but olso an oportunity for figurative artists to present their works. To be included in this links list is very simple, you have to add a little banner of the site in your site, and we will present here a your figurative artwork, it will be a little banner for your site and you will recive a good banner service for free. If you are intresting, plese write us an email and we will find a solution to make businness and art at the some time. Thank you to the artists that started this collaboration time ago, because I think that this is a kind of professional work that can help everyone.

Alex Bazarin -
Here you will find peace, relaxation, creativity and love for art. The artist paints playing kids, peaceful townscapes, angels and fairies. The paintings are clean, soft....
go to the site of Marilyn Kirsch
Marilyn Kirsch -
Abstract painting and some works on paper, but collage too..and some gestual painting....from an artist living in New York.
go to the site of Sam Berner
Sam Berner -
A young artist from Swiss, who moves between Abstract Painting and Concrete Art.He has worked out a style that is unmistakable and fascinating in its beauty.
go to the site of  Preben Saxild
Preben Saxild -
With many materials he finds new means of expression through the diversity of the surfaces.
go to the site of  Robert Terrell
Robert Terrell -
usually begin with "natural" forms, often with a semi-landscape idea, though the artworks often go far beyond that. Usually he keeps the final results within a realm of semi-natural forms mixed with geometric forms.
go to the site of Peter Orum
Peter Orum -
Abstract paintings, drawings and digital art from an artist living in Sydney.
go to the site of Arjonilla Jose

Arjonilla Jose -
Andalusian contemporary artist presents his "Abstract Modulation".

go to the site of Aloy Mukadder Kirmizi
Aloy Mukadder Kirmizi -
Abstract oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, drawings, visual diaries, and artist information.
go to the site of Vincenzo Balsamo
Vincenzo Balsamo -
A geat teacher of painting from Italy, a complete painter, from figurative to liric abstraction.
go to the site of Karl Maenz
Karl Maenz -
Same abstract painting and same photos from a very positive person, thanks Karl!
go to the site of Anka Bajurin
Anka Bajurin -
Young Croatian painter paints non-representational and surrealistic-expressionistic paintings. In English, Italian, and Croatian.
go to the site of Aubè Joycelyne
Aubé Joycelyne -
Discover Jocelyn Aubé and his young daughter, Myrianne Aubé, in a nice web site,with life and professional aspects.
go to the site of Natasha Lukanovich
Natasha Lukanovich-
contemporary art fresh abstraction contained expressionism outdoor installation art
go to the site of Calavvi Mirko
Cavalli Mirko -
Italian artist offers abstract paintings, abstract expressionism, action paintings and tribal sculpture.
go to the site of  Christeas Gregory
Christeas Gregory -
Abstract artist from New York, with a nice e-commerce site and same prints for beneficense!
go to the site of  Antonio Papasso
Antonio Papasso -
An italian painter that makes abstract and figurative art,a very nice web site too! More that 30 years of painting and art for this complete artist.
go to the site of Johannissen Eva Ryn
Johannissen Eva Ryn -
Non-representational abstract paintings in oil, acrylic and mixed media .Very nice gallery!
go to the site of Heymans Jery
Heymans Jerry -
Belgian artist offers photography and paintings on black canvas.
go to the site of Julio Mateo
Mateo Julio -
Abstract metapisical art, he is one of the internet veteran and he made a great work!
go to the site of Shane Garton

Shane Garton -
Abstract expressionist artist, she expresses his artistic training in painting,
computer art, photography and works on paper to capture the essence of the human condition.

go to the site of Yvette Peters
Yvette Peters -
Abstract oil paintings on canvas by Dutch artist Yvette Peters out of Chapel Hill, N.C.
go to the site of Lynne Taetzsch
Lynne Taetzsch -
Paintings by widely exhibited New York artist Lynne Taetzsch.
go to the site of Michael U Johansson
Michael U Johansson -
The goal for my artwork is to make a bridge between this existence and the land of our souls.
Kris Hoglund -
A painter that use traditional and elettronic painting too, to make a nice art. Intresting forms and colors, nice art grafics.
John Nolan

John Nolan -
A very nice site of an artist who is very professional. From figurative to abstract art, for a real celebration of color. John is an irish artist from Dublin.

Eugene Gavline -
The virtual art gallery originating in Toronto Canada, presents original oil art works of Eugene Gavline. His unique oil painting technique and imagination infuse still lifes with color and light....
Hugh O'Mara -
S ymbolism and surrealism meets folk art and some other things, a lot of things!
Paul Pitsker -
Contemporary art that explores the dissonance between subjective experience and objective reality."
Timothy Rudd -
Texas artist with a still-life style that melds cubism with impressionism.
David Leonard -
An artist from Austin (Texas), he make same very intresting figurative paintings, I like so much his bigger paints, his fogs, his metropolitan style.
Connie Nagele -
Flower Art Gallery. Original oil paintings designed in a contemporary style, a very nice art site with a shopping area too.
Maya Kulenovic -
Canadian contemporary painter Maya Kulenovic; contemplative and intense realist paintings.
Kelly Moore
Kelly Moore -
A very intresting self made painter. Primitive painting, visionary art, original...I like this style so much!
Irene Bates -
Contemporary paintings by Arizona artist combines figurative and abstract styles.
Bryce Brown -
Tango, Salsa, Rumba and other Latin American dances are becoming hugely popular in New Zealand and around the world. I have captured some of the excitement through these dance paintings....
Eva Koudela -
a nice site, bright, colourful paintings, drawings and other art with energy, vibrance and life. Commissions welcome, everything for sale. Eva Contemporary Art Site...
William E. Nutt -
Many of my carvings have a nautical or an animal theme.Stone sculptors work with many different types of rock, he makes same abstract scultures too.
Ellen de Groot -
Fine Art paintings in the classical tradition, oil on panel. Portrait commissions, realistic paintings and triptyches.


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