Elettronic Manifesto, The Geometrical Expressionism

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Dear sirs,

Today I want to explain this kind of art because in these last years I studied a lot the modern and contemporary art and I think that it is not possible to go on if the people do not understand my work.

So, even if the world of art is very difficolt and it is impossible to know the work of every artist, I think that this kind of art is new, and from today I want to present and to expain this art to everyone!

It is hard to explain this art to the art thechers and to the people that doesn't know art at the some time, but in this letter I would like to help everybody even if I know that it will be difficolt.

I want to tell to the people that doesn’t know art, that maybe it is better for them to understand some new ideas, because the people that know art thinks to understand, but maybe it is not true.So, I ask to everyone to wait and to think untill to give an opinion.(I speak every day with the art university’s teachers and I know their opinion).

It is important for me to speak about the kind of art that you can find in my art-gallery page,and right now it is not important to speak about me because I am very young and I think that I can increase so much my painting quality in the future .(I hope)

So we have not to think to art technic or to the art quality in this moment, but here we have only to speak about an artistic style that I call Geometric expressionism .

I am 30 years old and I live in Bologna (Italy). In my life I travelled a lot, a lived 6 months in Orange Country (Los Angeles) in 2001. I worked for 7 years in my family's company, and I was the commercial person of the company in international expositions.(the company makes supensions for motorcycles).

I started to paint at 20, and I painted a lot in these 10 years!
Even if I lived all my life with the idea to work in my family company, I love art and painting since I was a little boy. So it is 10 years that I am painting and I am stadying art.
I stadyed painting with reproductions of Kandinsky, Mirò, Dalì, Picasso.. and with books (I am studyng to art accademy of Bologna since 2002), and during my travels I visited a lot of museums around the world.
I like so much Hans Hartung and Andrè Masson too, even if they are similar to me only for same aspects.

My art is very diddicolt, but I think that I can give to everyone the correct "Key" to understand all my art, even if this kind of art goes in a lot of different discipline, like: philosophy,poetry and more.... everyone can find a lot of suggestions, I write here only the keyes that can open the different ways.

I write here some important points, all this aspect are new in the world of painting, so maybe in the future only one of these point can open a nice style.

Right now in my art all this point are very-very important, and these points together make the geometric expressionism.

1) Union between geometric and ‘’action painting’’
2) Study of dynamism and static together
3) En example in music…
4) Poetics of this kind of art
5) Geometry-gesture-action painting- spots that make reaction.
6) Figure-background the positive value on the back.
7) The new form, the top of precision and the top of casualness together to find the born of the form.
8) Conclusion

I am sorry that we can not speak about other points, but I prefer to explain my art little by little . I will give all my studies for free to everyone, but only with the help of time . This can help everyone to understand this art for free and I can study more to increase myself and my art too. But this cultural process can encrease itself little by little. At the some time, the geometric expressionism itself, can explain better the values that he want to present.Some correct and scientific and international values.

I think that if we start to speak about this first 7 artistic points, everyone can feel a better art process inside himself. So maybe in the future we will write to the studies of colours or maths, but these others studies are not so much important right now, even if in Italian there is someone how say: "you can’t argue with figures".

1) The union between geometric and action painting

One of the biggest difficulty of this kind of painting is that there is an union between same different styles and so it is important to know the geometric style and the action painting style.

I use an action painting and a dripping that can be simple or very complicate. I studied how to make a dripping that can became a kind of mark, it can enter in the lower hand of painting.
A key to understand my "action painting" and my dripping is that I do not want to present or to draw anything! My "action painting" is a technique of painting, it is not a style, and it has a way to make a coloration, it is a coloration technique.(I do not paint like Pollock, but I use his language).

The important of this process is not the feel of the dance. I do not want to enter in the painting….. but I use that because there is a force in the dripping and in action painting that I can not find with the normal touch.

It is not only a touch…I use the force of the action (this is not new), and I paint again on it (this is new), to find a not natural force.
So, if Pollock painted on the floor, my painting process has a movements of the craft from vertical to the floor to vertical again, where I finish my artwork.

I know perfectly that Pollock made a limit of the painting, and that he was a great painter and a genius!
In my painting “East &West” I use a dripping over a Japanese flag. So I was the first that I used a dripping to quote Pollock and American painting! But when I seen this painting same time later, I seen the dripping and the geometry…and so I started to study how to make a painting where these two forces, these complementary technique, and these different cultures can live together.

I believe that in ours land we are living two kind of evolution together. There is a force that is international, and this force makes every day more similar the different people and makes more familiar the different culture. This first force is the force of the globalisation. It is a nice force because the best level of the world has this culture, and in every field like medicine, science, or in international companyes, this is the dominant culture. So there is the second force. It is the force of the culture of our family and ours lend. This culture is very important for as because it is the culture where we were born, the culture of ours parents.

I would not to make a political conversation but I write this only because I know that the action painting is an American kind of art, and it will be an American style forever…I do not want to make became the action painting a kind of italian art!!

But in the world of art, even if everyone think that the action painting is a finished kind of art, I believe that in international painting the action painting is a kind of model (not for life, I hope) and so it is not correct to close a door that can have a lot of rooms that nobody still knows.
Like me…I am here to explain my artistic style, but it is not to present me like a great painter, I think that there are a lot of good painters, and I want to present my ideas. I want to speak of these studies and so we can speak about them in the future, and I have time to became a good painter. But I do not want to close a door, because if there will came a painter that can give more then me…he will be always welcome!!

2) Study of dynamism and static together

If the geometry is the static form of art for definition, I think that the action painting is the dynamism art for definition. And so the union of these two kind of styles makes the bubbles on the water!!

The big problem of the geometry is the precision, and the problem of the action painting is that it doesn’t give a sense of precision, it can be a nice research but it can not present a precision (even if I used same geometric dripping too on my artworks)

The action painting is one of the most free artistic style in the history of the art, I do not want to say that it is an easy style (I like so much the work of action painters)….I know that these art is great!! I think that the sense of the geometry has a force like the best action painting but it gives same different sensations. And if the geometric style is a rigid kind of art, the action painting is chaotic.

These two forces together can give the sensations of geometry and action painting, it is possible to make a research of the form but the observer has a sense of protection because he knows that there is a geometric force that present the top precision of the painter and even if he makes same action paintings or same “self made spot”( spots that make reaction), he doesn’t loose the sense of the artwork.

3) En example in music…

Many times my friends ask something to me about my art, they don’t know anything about art and painting, and so I make them an exaple from music. Everybody know the music, and they can have an idea about my work.

I think…(and it is not only my think) that the action painting is a kind of Jazz in the world of painting. The painter has not the feeling of the touch, and so he can make big mistakes if he doesn’t know perfectly what he is doing, and if he has not experience.
The disco music is the most different music from the Jazz, because if Jazz need a great experience and a lot of studies, the disco music is more simple. (even if this music is very difficult for me too).
But the important is the difference between the Jazz and the disco music, because the Jazz has same drums times very difficult and the disco music has very geometrically times! (the disco music has lops)
The union of these two kind of music can be the geometric expressionism experience in music.
(I know music times because I love this kind of art and I played the congas when I was younger)

4) poetry of this kind of painting

This point is very important for the people that doesn’t paint, because maybe they can not to understand these thinks with out to read.

To make a geometrical painting, a perfect painting with no mistakes is like to shot with a gun. The movements are perfect, the respiration and the movements have a great tuning an the force of the bush on the craft is the same in every part. The colour have to be no so much soft and no so much hard. This is a very precision process.

An other process is the action painting, where the painter is “free” and there in no touch between the bush and the craft.

The poetry of this paintings is a kind of art that make an union between this different processes and find a new form that is not geometrical art and is not action painting. But a form that born with the union of the different forms and touches too.
It is important this aspect because if a painting have to be finished with action painting…this maybe is the most difficult because the painter can not make mistakes and he have to make an union that will finished with no touch between the bush and the craft.
But the action painting can be a middle process, and so the geometric and the action paintings can became a united and a balanced painting even if the geometry is not balanced alone and the action painting is not balanced alone.
Usually there are same middle paintings process between these two artistic techniques. The middle process is guided from the gesture, because the gesture is a kind of middle way between the geometry and the action painting.
But the geometry and the action painting are two limits of the world of the painting, so to make a figure or a draw too can be a meddle way between these two described techniques.
It is important to say that in my last time I used a lot of spots that make a reaction because I use different kind of colours.

It is important to understand how the painter start from the rigidity of the geometry and he lose the control of the painting….this is an extreme force of process and of poetic, because only a good painter can came back the paint up in vertical and find with a own self painting a nice artwork.
A lot of times the paint semms marked,collapse but when it came back to vertical and the painter work again on it, the artwork seems to find a new force, a gear life!

5) geometry-gesture-action painting- spots that make reaction

So the process to lose the control of the painting is geometry-gesture-action painting-self made spot. The self made spots are same colour that made be putted of the craft and they alone find a form with an uncontrollable reaction. Sometime I made some spot with 2 different kind of colours and they make a conflict between themself. This have a very big force and it is possible to find same new and very interesting form.
So if the geometry has the top of the precision, the spots that make reaction are the top of the imprecision.The painter can only to wait that the process finish alone. But this process can be not the final process and so the painter can find again the complete control of the artwork.
The gesture is used a lot to make a union between the “action painting” and the geometry, because only with a middle way between these two different languages it has been possible an harmonious union.

6) figure-background the positive value on the back.

Maybe this is the most difficult point to expain because the world of art usually doesn’t use a process like this,but this is the main logical step that make to be the geometric expressionism a new style and it show his principal function.

If we look a painting, for example a painting of Morandi (the painter of my city), we have a positive value in the objects that he presents, and we have a negative or a neutrual value on the background of the painting.
But the important think is that ours eyes give a positive value to the objects and a neutre or a negative value to the thinks that ours eyes do not see.

This is a normal disposition of the values for figurative art and usually in abstract art, the painters make a synthesis of the figure, and so a lot of time the abstract art have this disposition of values too. (Pollock has this disposition and his action painting has a positive value on a back ground that is neutral)

This point is difficult but I think that this is the real key of all my art of the lastest years, and I believe that these things can give many discussions in the future too.

Because if the ordinary vision is prepared to give the value to the objects and it has no consideration about the empty spaces and so these spaces obtain a negative value.

Here there are two important thinks to know, one is the Asiatic art where they doesn’t work with positive or negative values but with full or empty. The second think to know is the “Gestalt” or “theory of the perception”.(Matisse made a lot of studies about this,too)

It is possible to make a change of the values between the background (that can be positive only in geometric art) and the characteristic (between characteristic and the character of the work).

Here it is possible to make a discussion abuot the character and the characteristic of the painting, because the character has a positive value and so the characteristic can has a different value. The character is the princilal aspect of the artwork and so it can not to have a negative value.

So, if a positive value can be only the character on the painting (like in figurative art the objects), so a positive value can only arrive to the background if it will became the character of the artwork,
and the only way to make this is to make a geometrical background. So it will became the character of the paintings.

This kind of painting is a conceptual kind of art too,and so it is possible to make a kind of art that is in contemporary art and in modern art at the same time.This art is one of the first “additional images forms”(one immage is the result of the addiction of more immages) that we are living in these years, (in photography, in movies ,in every form of visual art it is possible to find two different images together).

All my last paintings starts from geometry and even if I find to loose the control of the paint, I know perfectly that I have the geometry on the back. For this reason if I use.. gesture, action, figurative, informal ..maybe the only kind of painting that I can not to lose is the first geometrical start, because I love to give a positive value to the background and only with this artistic process I can be free to make an informal art too that has a generic positive value.

The characteristic of my backgrounds can be different because I can have same empty spaces over the positive background.

So, in this kind of art, usually the people gives same positive values where I am free to give all kind of values, and if they are looking for a positive value where they usually find a positive value (usually all the paintings give a positive value to the spot untill now), it is not positive but it is a negative value because it is an empty space.So I use same negative values where the people usually spontaneously gives positive values.

Everyone is prepared to register a spot as the character of the painting, but in my paintings the spots are only a characteristic and so the spots are only an empty space.

But it is very important to think that: if we give a positive value to an empty thing, we are at the starting of the form, and we are making at the some time, same new forms and same new models in ours brains (usually we make same models in ours brains only in the first years of life).So, this kind of art is a kind of study for ours brains and it can give meditations.

If we add a negative value on the positive background we can make a complete complementary painting again traditional figurative art, there is a complete change of the values!But this do not want to say that this art is negative, because this kind of art is a form that has a lot of values inside.
(….But I will write more in the future…)

In this way we can not arrive to a complete figuration, but we can arrive to the born of the form. Everyone can find and everyone will find same forms but the real value is only the geometric aspect; the aspect that is to be presented like a positive value in all the cultures.

7) The new form, the top of precision and the top of casualness together to find the born of the form.

So it is possible to find a form that has an half geometric and half informal, this is a kind of form that is very difficult to find but if there is a good equilibrium it is possible to find a very fascinating form. This form has all the aspect together, from the dynamism to the static. The use of colours can have one more aspect to create a great effect .

8) Conclusion

So I think that these are same important points of the art studies that I made in these ten years of studies, but many of this aspect can change in the future even if I think that the force and the poetic of my art will remain in me and in my artworks for a lot of time.

As I an artist and as I a student too, I am not here to say that I know all the things. I hope to incease my artistic studies in the future, and it is important for me to give these studies to the art community because maybe the community can increase itself in the future or it can makes corrections to my possible mistakes.

Untill to write all this things I studied a lot and I think that there are not big mistakes in this words, but the art world is very difficult and even if I think to be prepared, I can not be sure, and the dialogue is open in any way, because I like that this is not an old and closed form of art.
In the future with the help of everybody I hope to find something that is more correct and I hope to give same ideas to many people that maybe can use these my studies better then me.

It is not important for me if a person know everything of art or if this person doesn’t know anything, the very important think is to make a kind of painting that can give same good feelings to the wochers,…it is like to do a nice song
If I can give one only good sensation with all my artistic works, I am happy to be a painter, in other way I will do an other job.

Have a nice day and thank you so much, I hope that my English was good even if I think that this letter had to be very difficult in Italian too for me, but I hope to have found the easiest form to explain all these studies.

And I hope to meet same people that is prepared to speak about the cultural process that this letter can start, because I thik that if the old culture is not prepared to incrise again, the youngers persons will appreciate same nice and new studies like these!

Thank you for your attention

Kho Sante

Bologna, Italy, 27/01/2005




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