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Contemporary art and geometric expressionist painting of Kho Sante. If the abstract art is somethink of very difficolt to understand, maybe the geometric expressionism is much difficolt, but it can open a new world and maybe the 4th dimension that the modern and contemporary art studied for a lot of time. For the first time in the world of art, the contemporary painting make a comparison to the modern art true the conceptuality, and so, this kind of art can be contemporary but it can find a own place in the modern art too. Kho Sante is a contemporary painter and an artist that work on the new ideas for arts, it is very difficolt that he makes a form or an artwork that do not present same news. The reseach is made against the prejudice that should not be present in the world of contemporary art . Maybe one of the most important characteristic of this art is a carefully and poetic exit from scheme, and so it is possible to speak and to paint about the live itself and not only of same aspect of that. Every form is part of time and of the space where it is token, in these works the time is the time of the observer and the real space is conscipted and revalued true the virtual space


Contemporary art that borns from a painting culture. After many years of studies, the painting is evolved and his form is evolved too. Maybe on the way of emotion-estetic it is not always be present a positive development, but the only difference that there is between a culture that is only of painting and a culture of contemporary art is a very big evolution and if there is an impruvment on the content. A contemporary painting that is traditional and a vanguardia style too; it is not included in the standard rule.Maybe, a lot of people in the world of contemporary art are on a uncorrect way and have not the artistic values that we are presenting. Here we speak of real values and not only of economic value and there is few person that do not think to the money when lessen the wold value. The contemporary painting thinks that the force of a painting is the trasgression, the violence while the nice painting, like the nice music have to give good emotions, have to give positivity and emotion, happiness and the beauty of the life. Here we are speaking about contemporary painting but also about scince and philosophy. Who think only about emotion thinks only at the art, here there is somethink more,again






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