Abstract art from Kho Sante. Interactive and abstract art in vaguard style

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Abstract art of Kho Sante, a kind of contemporary paint that is not only an emotional feeling but it starts from a geometrical and rational process. Studies on perception and studies on the oriental art ( the gestual art ) makes of this kind of abstract painting a very particolar form. If the paint has always seen the external and the internal aspects of the forms, here we are working on the internal fellings of the painter and of the whacher at the same time. A meeting point beween a gestual and the precision (geometric painting process) but also a negation of the form and a bilance of all these aspect that starts his form in the union of contraries ( here it is possible to see the european union and the globalization too, two important aspect that we are living).
We have not to forghot the touch....the touches!..this is a characteristic of the painters, we can not forget this. What we can say about the touch?! What kind of poetic can be present on a complete bilance between a touch made with a geometric precision and his perfect aggregation with a spot that makes his form alone with out the touch of the painter?! What happen if a painter make on his artwork some spot that makes a deletion of the geometry (the geometry is a universal know value that present the rationality, the scince and the best precision on the forms)?And so....what we can say of the light?! Here, thare are some values that come from history and want to be a sure point for the future. Only if the people knows all this information can feel the real value of this art.


arte astratta di Kho Sante

If the abstract art was always united with the figuration, the informal art seems to came out from this way. But, maybe the real art that do not present a figuration is only the minimal and the conceptual art. The conceptual borns from the idea that come before the artwork, what can happen if this idea is a philosophyc concept and when the idea come out from the stady of the artistic evolution?! It is true that to make a paint it is very simple, but to make a nice abstract painting it is not so easy. The possibilities are so many and the way is very difficolt. The bad luck is that the nice thinks are what we do not know to do and the research is with out an end. But way we make all this?! Maybe there is a little ribellion agains that critics that has never made a painting, or same art gallery that love your art if you are an old man and if you use a lot of drugs! So, if I am a young person and if  I enjoy good health, I have no lucky?!... But, I am sorry, my friends...... I am doing a kind of painting that present real values, and I can not accept strange systems. Here there is an abstract painter that can be consider a scientist. A painter that do not will be carried with unprofessional people, and I will carry the contemporary art in a dance, the best dance that there will be in the world of the abstract painting.



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