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The creation of images with three balance points

The study of art and painting led me to create this program. Education, passing on the tools and painting processes used in the studio, is a form of fruition that allows understanding. The knowledge and the hermeneutic process of art, in addition to care, study and little secrets, certainly can be understood by studying painting and getting your hands dirty. But here, the painter becomes a ‘’soloist’’ to ‘’a musical group.’’ The Other intervenes in creation of a play of lines between geometric background and figuration, finding a balance between contrasting or even very different ways of painting. The Other, a man or woman without boundaries, participates in creation, learning the production process of Kho Sante. However, not even all this allows the speedy birth of a work of art. The Other, through a monitor and a network, begins to design electronically and gesturally on a geometric background, nearly by impulse. This very difficult and rare painting is within each of us, but lives in a particular state of mind. The painter knows this state of mind very well, an atmosphere and instinct that find a balance between contrasts, not only of color, but also of line. The third balance is executed in the studio, after careful viewing and assessment of the work of the co-authors, by painting a "glazing" that creates space and blurs the strong contrasts that are usually selected. This is all part of the search for what probably, before the creation of this program, was only philosophy or the birth of a picture in balance between geometry, figuration and abstraction (informal art). To understand the concepts and the poetics behind this work, please read the mission statement. You will also note the presence of a theory of form, a process that treats form from a geometric creation until becoming a true macchia, where there is no predominance of one expressive mode over another, but rather a relation between diverse expressive means and ways, in a union of final languages.


A real collaboration, from the birth of the draft:

After long study and dialogues with experts on images and copyrights, it was determined that the use of this program has both artistic and profitable purposes. Anyone wishing to create a picture through this program must document the creation and send an email to with the data of the origins of the final image. If the image is chosen and used as a draft for a true artistic work of painting, the data shall serve as artist’s recognition for a percentage on the sale price of the picture to the person who made the draft (the preparatory design for the painting). Currently there are very pictures on the market made with this program, but they are on sale in galleries. Those who have collaborated electronically in the birth of these pictures, and possesses documentation of the creative process performed, may receive a percentage of 10% of the sale of the painting. Transfer of rights to the image is non-exclusive and limited to the use of the painting. The purpose of this interactive program is also educational in addition to being intended for creation of a painting. All electronic works selected and which become actual pictures are visible on the PORTFOLIO page of this site; if you see an image that you believe came from your work, write me an email. It is recommended to DOCUMENT the creation process with photos, because the program does not request user data, and this technology is not easy to update.










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