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Born in Bologna in 1974, I studied at the scientific high school and I seriously approached painting from a young age, 
but the real passion broke out when I was 20 years old. I studied painting both on my own (for eight years after high school) 
and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna where I graduated with full marks in 2007. I have always given a lot of importance to the web,
 on which I have been operating since 2000 but in any case I am not a web prosessionist, I have learned a little to reduce costs. 
As for the exhibitions, some are worth mentioning:  
2003 the biennial of contemporary art in Florence,
2004 the exhibition at the Este castle of Ferrara, 
2005 the personal exhibition lasting 3 months at the Renato dall'Ara stadium in Bologna.
2006 the exhibition at the Padua art fair, 
2006 - 2009 there were exhibitions in Turin, Milan and Rome. 
2010 was quite an intense year,
 there are exhibitions in New York, Paris (Carrousel du Louvre, June), London (Camden art gallery) We note the presence in London at the Sotheby Art Institute,
 where the "Contemporary Art in London" course was held. 
2015 New York Artexpo 23-26 April 2015 Rome art biennale 15-18 May 2016-2020 small break in the exhibitions, which continued on the web and on Facebook. 
2020 Bocconi course for social media marketing (3 months online)




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