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Hello, thanks for visiting. The site is undergoing maintenance, and it will take all of 2022 to do some order and update everything a bit.

Since about the year 2000, this site has been online. He has worked and played with the web since the early years of his life, however this is a personal site and while the websites of international and commercial companies have also been managed, here we try to convey a contemporary art to everyone.

levels and in different languages. Technology can be a means of information, of research and development of new ideas, and even painting is attracted to it, however we must try not to be guided too much by technology, which instead should only be a means, and not an end.


With the work of an artist, we proceed, but there have been very hard times. In fact, painting is one of the two jobs that I carry on in my life, for the rest I am in a small real estate with my two brothers.

We had a company that collaborated with universities, which did research, and when I entered the world of work and painting, this thing brought it a little bit into the world of painting.

In 2022 I am doing abstract digital painting on photography. I am doing print tests, I am studying the prices to make artistic prints, unique or numbered, but with digital technologies and prints.

The site will ask me for a long time, and I will try to put some order because I still have files from more than 10 years ago online.

I will prepare for a solo show in an Italian country (I would say in the center), and I will slowly try to be organized, but at the same time not to get too caught up, because I also have another job.

Thanks, good surfing.



abstract art










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The critical mass award

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