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today I want to write here that this is only a site of painting, and can speak about philosofy.

The studied of art was very important for me, and it is my personal world. Kho SANTe is the art name of Roberto Santovito (

Here there is a internet free space, that prefer speak true the immages.

It is difficolt to speak about my artistic life, I like to produce immages, to stady it. But this is only a place the like to speak about painting, culture, but maybe only a hobby, a second work of a correct person of 40 years.


IN these my web page I try to give good emotions, riflections, but this have to be a positive kind of art, and I am trying to be less serius.

I thank all for the visit, in the year 2015 I will do 10 new paintings. The last evolution of my art is maybe more commercial, but more easy to be presented.

I think that it is important the presence of the artist during an exposition. When I make expositions, I Can be in artistic thinks, because to expain correctly the evolution that had this painting production can be an artistic argoment very difficol in a lenguale that I speak like a stranger, so I need a lot of concentration for that.

This web site is present on internet since 2000, I thank all professional person and the students,

if you find same content not correct, please write me an email.





abstract art




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